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Book & CBM Animation Broadcast Project

Initial talks between Concrete Butterflies Media Ltd and agents and copyright holders of 1970s band Stackridge, are heading positively forward following eight months of protracted Covid-19 delays.

CBM’s ambitious debut in film animation has developed extensive plans to bring the original touching music album story of Mr Mick to a high definition animated broadcast standard with ‘The Adventurous Mr Mick’

Music aficionados will recall the delightful story behind the album lyrics of 1970s band Stackridge, where Mr Mick was an elderly and lonely resident confined to life in a nursing home.

Mr Mick ventures each day to the local rubbish dump where his imaginative mind brings back to life discarded junk, including ballet shoes and musical instruments.

He is thought of by carers as deluded and senile, but Mr Mick knows differently and the orchestra he forms plays out his musical pleasures, while battered old ballet shoes dance their Pas de deux atop piles of discarded rubbish and junk.

This project has lived within me for decades and is the technical challenge of all challenges.

Mr Mick and his dreams bought to life on broadcast screen is, as one of my own.

Publishing Status:

Status to follow


The Adventurous Mr Mick ©

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