Drama Built From Drama

About Us

Concrete Butterflies Media became British writer Malcolm R Fane’s first trading name as a fully independent freelance journalist.

Malcolm writes:

Concrete Butterflies Media’s name was inspired by my appreciation of the beauty and grace of the insect.

Some career and hobby projects had stumbled due to a lack of financial backing, and the absence of vision by institutionalised doubters.

Illegitimi non carborundum. 

My creative passions were never better illustrated than by the humble butterfly. This creature’s metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly seemed to mirror my own career aspirations.

Creative process requires immense patience, time and space to develop. Only then can it be released to soar high and freely. 

‘Concrete butterflies’ are the projects which failed to take flight, but deserved much better. Successful award-winning projects are the butterflies which broke free of all constraint, illustrated within CBM’S corporate animated logo.

With new-found freedom to produce news and features in all areas of British mainstream media, I set about producing a mix of news, historic broadcast and print media features. 

The business eventually evolved to its first limited company status. However, all plans were abruptly halted due to debilitating serious health issues. 

Concrete Butterflies Media Ltd later reformed and has been actively rebuilding a revised project portfolio and its business model.

The majority of project Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) were sold to our collaborative Dutch production partners. I retained book publishing rights for all projects past and present.

March 2020 and Covid virus completely changes the world of normality we knew, and scuppered almost all plans.

Based in the stunningly beautiful Scottish Highlands and Islands, the new focus and business model was developed taking Concrete Butterflies Media Ltd ever forward to new horizons.

Unless the light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a train coming the other way, both Concrete Butterflies Media Ltd and myself are back on track and heading to a positive future!

Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, CBM’s creative journey continues.