Drama Built From Drama

Business Mission & Personal Statements from Concrete Butterflies Media Ltd Director Malcolm R Fane.

New Beginnings

Adverse trading conditions due to the 2020 Covid pandemic is primary cause for multiple delays to all plans.

Heading positively forward from a challenging period of my own protracted health issues during recent years, fundamental decisions are taken to concentrate a continuing media career in broadcast scriptwriting, authoring a range of books, and completing CBM’s final broadcast project.

This concludes a two-and-a-half decades foray into broadcast production alongside journalism.

The only exceptions to CBM’s revised business model is our first television drama ‘Morven’s Child’ – its production status temporarily on hold, halted by Covid-19 restrictions.

Morven’s Child is a personal project, developed and nurtured from idea inception, through scripting and into early production. This will be a full production finale.

All production and broadcast Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) jointly owned by myself and Concrete Butterflies Media Ltd, are contractually sold to Dutch production partners, along with the use of CBM’s name and logo under licence, and with screen accreditation as Executive Producers.

I am directing Concrete Butterflies Media Ltd positively forward on a different pathway, one in which I retain ownership of Intellectual Property Rights for book publishing relating to all projects past, and those illustrated on this website.

It has been an arduous and painful journey these past few years. There are so many more folk far worse off than my own misfortunes, so we count our blessings and use the stumbling blocks as stepping stones. Delighted now to feel revitalised and on the cusp of producing the best of creative work.

Never forgotten is the massive adrenaline rush and feeling of creative fulfillment gained from my first BBC and ITV broadcast documentaries. However, the time is right for change to a less stressful lifestyle. The only constant being change itself.

Stay safe. Remain vigilant.

Malcolm R Fane