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Story Origin & Synopsis:

Memories relived in a deeply disturbing personal review of manipulation, control and fear.

A childhood tainted by being marginalized, humiliated and sneered at on the streets of Borehamwood, England, and on the playing fields of school by bully boys colluding with psychologically bullying teaching staff.

Recollections of life as a child during the late 1950s and early 60s – a time phase during which my parents were single-minded and unswerving in their pursuit of ‘the truth’

Inevitably, my book will also serve as an expose of those whose perceived doctrinal superiority as ‘the chosen ones’ inflicted hitherto untold psychological damage, threads of which linger to this day.

This child is just one of countless thousands of Jehovah’s lost children, so many with dubious experiences, including outrageous abuses inflicted within the perceived sanctity of a so-called ‘Kingdom Hall’.

A personal journey of sadness recalled from a childhood corrupted by corrosive and suffocating belief structure.  

An all consuming doctrine in which families are split asunder by controlling zealots whose claim is to be exclusive custodians of a right to everlasting life.

Writing this book has been an intensely stressful experience, but it documents my personal story as being just one of so many thousands of Jehovah’s lost children.

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