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Parkinson’s – Open Your Mind’ … and be at peace with yourself ©

‘Parkinson’s – Open Your Mind’
… and be at peace with yourself ©

Book Project

Story Origin & Synopsis:

My brief is to write a really positive Parkinson’s book, one to help inform of the vagaries which typify this progressively degenerative neurological disease.

The book’s aims are to engage with, and to  inform those unaware of the huge effects Parkinson’s has on the diagnosed. It will also reflect upon how a positive attitude helps to fight the brain disease, encouraging those affected to open up their minds to an acceptance of the condition.

Almost seven years ago, I awoke early one morning following a mild headache which had interrupted an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

By the lunchtime of a new day, I experienced a memory wipe of all things technical. Significantly, I lost the ability to use a keyboard to type. Everything IT seemed permanently lost to a silent switching off of brain cells.

Random right-sided body tremors took hold and the slide down a seemingly never-ending slope to daily life of dysfunction, indecision, mood-swings, and significant personal losses began.

A fascinating story of early Parkinson’s has been traced by brain scan markers back to my early teenage years.

Thankfully, the somewhat stark and definitive diagnosis has also presented me with the prospect of positive life changes.

Correct medication is now identified and life is much improved. Positive revelations of the who, what, where, when and why provided an essential key to unlock enlightenment.

The more recent journey has been one of self-discovery following years of periodic dysfunction. Discovery of answers to a myriad of questions has helped to find life solutions.

This Parkinson’s book is written in positive  mode detailing ways of how to overcome everything we have thrown at us.

The condition’s sudden manifestation had left me utterly bewildered and lost. All of this, combined with abandonment by those who couldn’t, or wouldn’t try to understand the metamorphic changes, has left one of life’s deepest scars. 

So the clearance from my life of all negative influences and then locating, occupying and living within a head space free from anxiety, stress, and unnecessary conflict provided a positive way forward.

Parkinson’s Disease, alongside other neurological disorders, thrives upon, and is triggered by stress, anxiety and conflict.

The book highlights positive self-management by rejecting adverse situations, along with all those involved whose negativity and uncaring influences cause the condition to significantly worsen. 


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‘Parkinson’s – Open Your Mind’  
… and be at peace with yourself. © 
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