Drama Built From Drama

25th Anniversary

Feature of Concrete Butterflies Media’s first broadcast ITV television and BBC radio documentaries.

Background story & production footage

During the early 1990s I first met Polish ex-combatant Romuald ‘Roman’ Rodziewicz. It was a random chance meeting which would change the course of my career, opening a doorway to broadcast media.

Acknowledging the 25th anniversary foray into broadcast media, CBM herewith presents a feature of selected footage from my association with Poland, and with my greatly missed friend Roman Rodziewicz, who passed away aged 102. A gallery of production and other Polish feature work photographic memories is also included.

Watch Pilgimage to Poland Associate Producer Malcom R Fane and CBM’s first collaborative documentary film for ITV.

Watch & listen to Malcolm’s BBC Radio 5Live broadcast
Romuald ‘Roman’ Rodziewicz

Romuald ‘Roman’ Rodziewicz – Malcolm’s ‘Two Minute Take’ of a Polish legend produced for social media platforms.

Malcolm’s tribute to Roman Rodziewicz
Polish WW2 Legend
1913 – 2014


Malcolm R Fane ©
Concrete Butterflies Media ©
Photography: Nigel Ibbotson ©