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The Concrete Butterflies Story

Concrete Butterflies Media became my first trading name as a fully independent freelance journalist.

The name was inspired by an appreciation for the insect’s beauty and grace.

Some early career projects had stumbled due to a lack of financial backing, and the absence of clear vision by institutionalised doubters.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

‘Concrete Butterflies’ are projects which failed to take flight, but deserved better. Successful and award-winning projects are butterflies which broke free of all constraint, illustrated within the animated business logo.

With newfound freedom to produce news and features in all areas of British mainstream media, my focus was on producing a news mix of historic broadcast and print media.

Following 23 years as a sole trader, CBM was formed to a limited company status in 2014. Protracted health issues dominated any consistant trading, eventually forcing the company to be placed on ice until all matters improved. The subsequent dormant time phase allowed me to write and build back better with new scripts and project ideas.

Year 2020 and the world closed its doors with two business-busting Covid pandemic lockdowns. Double whammies ruled supreme.

Mid- 2021 and CBM plots a new direction aided by the successful sale of almost all of my projects’ Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) to our collaborative and professional Dutch production partners.

Reverting back to my original trading status, CBM had returned full circle to become a less complicated and wholly owned business as Malcolm R Fane t/a Concrete Butterflies Media.

I retain book publishing rights to all projects past, and to those presently illustrated on this website [menu option Book and Broadcast Projects].

Delighted the core writing business has survived by proactively adapting to a world with a changed post-pandemic commercial landscape.

CBM’s changed business model is a meticulously planned and exciting new development, one to drive forward my personal creative mission at a significantly less hectic pace.

The perfect chilled scenario.

Still turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, CBM’s eventful journey continues.

Malcolm R Fane 

Business owner Concrete Butterflies Media.

Updated February 2023

malcolmrfane.books@gmail.com (business)

malcolmrfane@gmail.com (personal)